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Medicaid Makes the Difference
Sasha relies on Medicaid so she can continue to live in her community with friends and neighbors.

Her nursing services, g-tube nutrition, trach care and 24/7 oversight by an LPN are all funded through Medicaid. Sasha enjoys community activities, visitors to her home and has an amazing quality of life thanks to Medicaid and the Medicaid waiver programs.

Katherine is starting her own photography business while working part-time.

She was able to gain affordable coverage with a subsidy through the ACA Marketplace. Under the proposed AHCA Katherine will have to pay more for health insurance and said she will “live in fear of diagnosis.”

Joshua is a student at East Georgia State College, loves NASCAR, and plans to study radio broadcasting.

Joshua also has cerebral palsy and is covered by Medicaid. Medicaid covers the cost of a caregiver who helps Joshua get ready in the mornings and assists on campus so that he can go to school and his mother can work to support the family. Joshua explains “Don’t block grant Medicaid because then I cannot…do stuff like go to football games or work.”

Anthony was adopted when he was six years old, and later Nicholas when he was three weeks old after their birth mother passed away.

Their adoptive mother Hannah says “the foster-to-adoption Medicaid program made sure that finances never weighed on our minds. We could focus all our energy on providing a loving family instead of scrambling to pay medical bills. Both Anthony and Nicholas rely on Medicaid for physical and psychological therapy as well as medication costs."